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Framing a modern holiday in a natural idiom, the forests, frothy streams, plantations and wildlife of Wayanad offers the perfect place to immerse yourself in nature. On the northeastern edge of the state of Kerala, Wayanad's landscape is an ethereal symphony of green. Ludicrous amount of the shades of the colour lie in amalgam. Bamboo thickets, spiky ginger fields, rubber, cardamom, betel nuts, coffee and tea plantations carpeting the hills, with pepper vines winding on the trees, the ambience is nothing short of spectacular. Still fantastically unspoilt, with epic views, a trip to Wayanad promises complete unplugging from city life. Given its lush forest cover, you're almost guaranteed to spot wild elephants, rabbits, deer and more animals along with unique species of birds and reptiles. A welcome break from Kerala's backwater clichés, Wayanad sweeps you into a great mood to unwind with its intensely green and calm environs.

Soochipara Waterfall

Just six kilometers from the private waterfall, the famous sightseeing spot, Soochipara is a stark contrast. Busloads of tourists come here to see a white frothy waterfall plunging from a height of 656 feet. There is a 1 km from the parking gate to the base of the waterfall, which entails a long flight of steps. The place has a package tour feeling to it but the waterfall is undoubtedly a magnificent one. Soochipara cannot be visited during the monsoons. If you want to tick this off the list, Chateau Woods provides the proximity to one of Kerala's better-known waterfalls.

Edakkal Caves

On way to Sultan Battery, one can also see the famous Edakkal Caves (42km). Make your way, amongst a swarm of tourists, to the caves that lie on top of a high hill. The climb is definitely worth the effort, as you'll get to see pictorial carvings dating back to 5000BC and jaw-dropping views of Wayanad district from the peak. This is one of the most historically significant sightseeing spots of Kerala.

Banasura Dam

The Largest earthen dam in India – and the second biggest in Asia is an hours drive from Chateau Woods.The dam looks especially beautiful in the monsoons. With a short climb, one can stand on the edge of the reservoir. There are a few food stalls and a children's park in the vicinity, but packing a picnic basket from the resort might be better. There is a speedboat facility here.

Pookote Lake

The famous Pookote lake of Kerala is only a 40 km drive from Chateau Woods. A bumpy, un-tarred road leads you to this natural freshwater lake. Arrive early in the morning to avoid the tourist rush. The lake is reasonably well kept, with options for boating. One can also pack in a snack to take along or eat at the restaurant here. A few shops selling choir, wood and local souvenirs lie in the same enclosure.

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