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Chateau woods was started keeping in mind to satisfy all types of customers from those who are looking for a resort, or an estate bungalow, or a homestay, a cliff cottage or an eco-resort in Wayanad. Also, it has got great responses from our happy customers. Chateau woods not only give importance to the services and facilities provided but also to all possible ways to entertain and make customers happy by exploring nature by experiencing the following. Chateau woods is one among the top resorts in Wayanad.

Plantation Life

The plantation itself is surrounded in green with silver oaks, copses of betel nut trees, mangoes, sapota, jackfruit, lemon and other trees along with the undergrowth of coffee and tea bushes. Walks in the property are rejuvenating for the urban traveller and a refreshing break from the city life. Spotting trees, insects and little wildlife during the nature walk is both enlightening as its enjoyable. Be prepared to walk through few dips and crests in the undulating hilly terrain. You can walk until the two British bungalows, which can be seen from the property. One is 80 years old and the other almost 120 years old.

Pet Farm

A favourite with the kids, have a taste of farm life with a section only for farm animals. Here, geese, turkeys, chickens, goats and rabbits offer great amusement and learning for the kids. Ask to be escorted to know how to handle and feed the animals.


A small lake fed by a natural spring in the property is great to whet your fishing skills. Prawns are found commonly; you can even ask for these to be cooked or release them if you want. The fishing rod and other equipment is provided by the Chateau Woods.


Mountain bikes are provided for the guests incase they want to explore some trails around the property. Ask for a pre-recced route. A picnic basket can be arranged for incase you are planning to head out for a long time. The crisp cool air of the hills and the refreshing ambience is rejuvenating .

Pool Table

A spot has been allocated for the pool table in the corner of the man lounge as you enter the reception area. The thrill of pocketing a few balls with the backdrop of the tea estate is thrilling. Evenings in the hills can get a little sedate. For those who crave some action can challenge someone for a quick game.

Game Room

A holiday can be stressful if the children have to constantly monitored and entertained. Now you can spend a few hours of solitude with the kids relegated to the games room. A carom board, video games, books and more board games for young and slightly older children keep them occupied. The day can be filled with time with the farm animals, nature walks and the game room for a peaceful holiday for all.


A well-manicured garden in front of the central building is also the place where a basketball rink is put up. Enjoy a free throw game with an opponent in the cool weather of the hills.

Bon Fire

Evenings by the bonfire are the enticing time when the air gets nippy in Wayanad. Watch the fire crackle as you enjoy evening snacks with a hot cup of tea. A song or stories from the road are sure to strike up when the guests come together in the evenings. The bonfire is organised when there is sufficient capacity in the resort in the winter months, as the firewood is a limited resource. But if you are very keen to have it going, to discuss with the resort manager.

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